Frequently Asked Questions
What if I need to speak with a representative after sending you information via the internet?
Please call the phone number listed on the letter to speak with a representative.
Are follow-ups possible based on the information provided?
Yes, you may be contacted to gather more information or to fully understand some of the details. However, we value your time and will only contact you if absolutely necessary.
What if I do not have all the information?
A red asterisk denotes the required fields. It is extremely important that you provide all of the required information. If the information is not available to you, you may stop and return at a later time (within 24 hours).
What does the lock mean in the browser window?
It means your information is protected with the industry standard security protocol. Furthermore, it prevents hackers (or others with malicious intent) from viewing the information that you input.
How is my privacy protected?
Your information is stored in a secured location. The communication between your machine and this process is encrypted and prevents others from understanding the information.